Usambara Mountains Lushoto / Tanga / Tanzania
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Tanga Region in Tanzania covers 27,348 km2 (3% of the total area of the country) and has an estimated population of nearly two million inhabitants, with at least 300.000 living in Tanga City. While most people in the hinterland are small farmers and livestock keepers, the coastal rural inhabitants live off fishing and small-scale farming. Others are engaged in trades, boat building, salt harvesting and charcoal making. Tanga has the second largest port of Tanzania.

One of the highlights in Tanga are the Usambara Mountains, Lushoto district which are situated in the north-west part of Tanga region and is boardering on the Kilimanjar district with Mkomazi national park. Find here the accommodations, hotels, lodges and local guesthouses in the Usambara Mountains.
When you make your classic Tanzania tour which starts at the national parks in the North and ends at the beach in Zanzibar or along the coast there is unique opportunity to make another stop just in between Arusha and the coast. The area is called Usmabara mountains and represents a unique mountain area also known as "the Switzerland of Tanzania". 
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